felix where to start.. my name is sarah, sometimes felix. i'm 17. i'm obviously really into the circle jerks, but i also like crass, dead kennedys, operation: cliff clavin, citizen fish, subhumans, groovie ghoulies, sloppy seconds, etc..

music is a BIG part of my life. it defines me, but does not control me. i have some theories about music, but i won't get into them right now. maybe i'll write something about it sometime.. until then, you'd just have to ask to find out.

i like mail, and appreciate to get motivation. this page isn't for me, it's for you. i hope in the future it can grow to something well made and planned.. enough so that it's actually worth the time, but i can't seem to get to that stage. i don't have the time or energy or.. well, reason to work on it very often..

it's pretty easy to reach me, my email address is plastered on the second index. i'm also on icq.. my uin is 3337791 if you're on it too, feel free to send me a message..

i'm from bloomington indiana. it's a medium sized town, and is the locale of indiana university. it's okay here; big enough for a WIDE variety of people, but small enough that there isn't a crime problem (at ALL).. which is good in itself cause our (laff) fine police force iis too busy harrassing kids to solve anything major... and what's just GREAT is that they're moving the station to (you guessed it) a block away from rhinos and right next to third street park. (that probably doesn't mean much to you unless you're from b-town.

rhinos is an all ages club. there are some pretty good shows there sometimes.. johnny socko, plastic cheeses, pink lincolns, groovie ghoulies, o:cc, sloppy seconds, scofflaws.. but, most of the time it's local or barely heard of bands.. that's okay. it's the way for a scene to grow.

i'm sorta sick of writing about myself. if you want to know me, message or mail me. i may add to this later. you never know. thanks for caring, but go back.